SAB Goblin 500 Sport White/Red Kit Combo


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Combo includes:

  • Goblin 500 Sport helicopter  kit
  • Servos: 3x KST DS589MG and 1x KST DS525MG
  • Motor: Quantum QT4020-1200
  • ESC: Hobbywing Platinum 100A V3

Also includes:

1- New Swash Plate Set V2 – H0477-S 
This new swash plate Set has a new design, which can pop out the main blade link rods in crash easier than the old version, which may save your servo (and its gears).

2- New CNC Delrin Main Gear – H0423-S

This new CNC delrin main gear  is stronger and make your transmission smoother!

Introducing the new SAB Goblin 500 Sport

The new Goblin 500 Sport uses 85% of parts from the old Goblin 500. In fact the new spare part will be only 7 new P/N
Taking advantage of a strong industrialization of Goblin 500, we reduced the price, further distancing from G570.
We have changed the design to follow strongly Goblin 380, replaced some parts to reduce weight, and improved weak points of the existing ones. These new features and the new lower price make this kit become very interesting for the market. Moreover, we have added two sets of main / tail blades in the KIT.

More info will be available soon. Stay tuned!


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