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SG709 – SAB GOBLIN 700 KYLE STACY EDITION (With main and tail blades)

The Goblin 700 Kyle Stacy Edition is the Goblin Competition Carbon Edition with 3 blades Head and Tail system in Black anodizing color and new F3C landing gear and carbon/yellow canopy and boom and CNC main gear.


Key Feature:


  • Tri bladed main rotor  (SKU: H0430-K)
  • Tri bladed tail rotor  (SKU: H0429-S)
  • Black anodizied aluminium main rotor parts
  • Full carbon canopy (SKU: H9040-S)
  • CNC main gear (SKU: H0405-S
  • New swashplate (SKU: H0420-S)
  • New tail pitch slider with dual bell crank (SKU: H0409-S)


General Specifications:


  • Main rotor diameter:  1568 mm (with 690 mm blades)
  • HPS3 Head
  • Main blade length: 690-710 mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 305 mm
  • Tail blade length: 115 mm
  • Main shaft diameter: 12 mm
  • Tail shaft diameter: 6 mm
  • Spindle shaft diameter: 10 mm
  • Gear Ratios 8.6-11.9 : 1
  • Weight including electronics: 3620 g (excluding flight battery).
  • 22T motor pulley included (other pulley sizes available)
  • All pulleys are made for 6 and 8 mm motor shaft


Electronic Specifications:


  • Cyclic Servos: Standard size (40mm)
  • Tail Servo: Standard size (40mm)
  • Typical Speed Controller: 120-160A
  • Motors: (Max Diameter: 64 mm, Max Height: 64 mm)
  • Battery compartment: until 75x58x350mm


Kyle Stacy introduce the Goblin 700 Kyle Stacy Edition!

Kyle Stacy fly the Goblin 700 3 blades

Kyle Stacy said about KSE:

A competition pilot needs a helicopter that not only flies well, but is reliable and consistent. The Goblin 700 Kyle Stacy Edition is the most agile, smooth and stable flying helicopter that I have ever flown. The full carbon canopy and boom offers a sleek and clean look to the model that make it extremely easy to see in any orientation. The 3 bladed tail rotor has a sound unique to itself, and has more tail authority than ever before. I hope you enjoy flying the Goblin 700 Kyle Stacy Edition as much as I do.


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